Your Old is their New

The impressionable young minds imbibe our actions. In an attempt to set a virtuous example for our children, Skylark World School, Lucknow initiated a campaign “PRAYAAS” Your Old is their New’, a festival of compassion that aims to inculcate the values of gratitude for what we have and share with unprivileged life.

We celebrated the “PRAYAAS” month from 26th September, 2022 to 22nd October, 2022 in order to sensitize students towards the values of “Sharing and Caring”.

Students went to an Orphanage on 22nd October, 2022 to donate toys, clothes, and eatables.

Support to Cancer Aid Society

The Prayaas Club at Skylark World School collected a sum of Rs.21,000 for Cancer Aid Society. The children raised funds with support from their family and relatives.